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Welcome to Schwertlilienzucht Pia Altenhofer / Iris breeding Pia Altenhofer / bearded iris crosses / irises

Welcome to my website. I am pleased about your visit.


Here I present you my bearded iris crosses. In the year 2006, I began with iris breeding and since then I have crossed Dwarf, Intermediate and Tall Bearded irises (Iris barbata 'nana', 'intermedia', 'elatior', SDB, MDB, IB, BB, MTB, TB).


My plants are listed in the left sidebar according to hybridizing year, color and cultivars of other hybridizers.


From 2006 to 2011, I worked in my garden in Halle/Saale (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany), but after a work-related move to Chemnitz in 2012, I found a new place for my plants in Neuendettelsau (Bavaria, Germany). Since 2013, I have continued crossing. My breeding aims are green, broken-colored and multi-colored flowers with exceptional patterns. Unfortunately, I have to abstain from breeding with other subgenera for lack of space, although there are extremly attractive cultivars (e.g. Louisiana and Pacific Coast irises).


Plants are not only to have a look at - it is also possible to buy some cultivars. Please visit my web shop to see the plants currently offered.


My plants are named alphabetically according to the year of crossing, e.g. crosses of 2006 get names starting with A, crosses of 2007 start with B and so on. Additionally, the cultivar names are unique, newly created words make it easier to find them on the Internet. These names have no meaning; I just pay attention to the sound. Registered cultivar names are labeled by (reg...). Of course, even if plants are not registered yet, I use them for further crosses and then it is much more comfortable to use a name instead of the complete crossing history ;-).


Enjoy my plants!





15 Cyclo x BrPr-2 (künftiger Name Jachitropan) hat beim Internationalen Iriswettbewerb 2021 in Florenz den 6. Platz in der Gesamtwertung gewonnen (Honorable Mention).

13 Crysto x Zlatov-2 (künftiger Name Humpogroll) hat beim Internationalen Iriswettbewerb 2021 in Florenz den Sonderpreis für die beste Blüte gewonnen.

Heraneuricon (TB) hat bei der Irisbewertung 2020 der GdS im Botanischen Garten München den ersten Platz belegt.

Climantexal (SDB) hat bei der Zwergirisbewertung 2020 der GdS den ersten Platz belegt.

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